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When you hire GPC, you have access to experts in many areas from around the world. 

Company Profile
Founded in 1999 in Basel Switzerland, Global Pharma Consultancy (GPC) is a specialist-solutions firm that offers high-caliber consultants, training, and services to local, regional and global healthcare-related businesses throughout the world.
Companies who hire us achieve their goals through work performed by seasoned professionals, based upon proven but flexible methodologies and experience; that cost less in the end but bring higher quality that can help them implement projects more efficiently.

The result?  Our streamlined approach, low over head, and “hands on” management team saves time and minimizes costs - which is highly valued by companies of all sizes, particularly during uncertain financial times.

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Core Team
GPC maintains a dynamic, lean, “roll the sleeves up and get to work”, highly skilled and very creative core team of professionals who work virtually and remotely from liaison offices in USA, Latin America, Europe, Asia, and Australia.  Each of our principal consultants has spent many years working in the pharmaceutical industry and/or academia and is a specialist in her/his area.

Elite Pool of Global Experts
We have established formal associations and strategic alliances with an elite pool of geographically diverse consultants, service providers, vendors and other professionals across a range of therapeutic areas and disciplines.  This enables us to provide the best possible expertise and solution when needed and appropriate to the project at hand. 

GPC’s CNS-Cognoscénti
We have carefully selected a distinguished group of partners from around the world to develop what we call “GPC’s CNS Cognoscénti Consortium”, created to advise, support, share ideas and experiences related to CNS Clinical Development, Psychiatry, Neurology, Neuropsychology, Cognitive Psychopharmacology, and networking opportunities amongst experts and those who serve their needs and interests.  Be it clinical research, expert training on rating scales, cognitive testing, assessments and more, GPC’s CNS Cognoscénti will quickly become your resource for unique information and valuable insights related to mind, brain and behavior sciences.

Single Point of Contact
Be it one or multiple contractors, we offer a single point of contact for all your service and support needs so you can quickly access our knowledge and expertise whenever you need it.

Global Network
GPC has an extensive worldwide network comprised of:

  • GCP, GMP, GLP QA Auditors
  • Medical Writers
  • Compliance Experts
  • Drug Safety
  • Regulatory consultants
  • Clinicians, Neuropsychologists, Psychiatrists, Neurologists, Expert Raters
  • Clinical Development professionals
  • Academic Research Groups
  • Global Opinion Leaders
  • Professional Trainers
  • Suppliers
  • Other professionals

GPC is a member of the International Electronic Education Network (IEEN) with currently over 270,000 members in healthcare in over 106 countries, growing at a rate of ~4700 new members per month.

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Core Values
GPC is a dynamic, growing organization dedicated to the success of our customers.  We are passionate about the work we do and believe that our core values have shaped the culture and defined the character of our company, guiding how we govern ourselves and make decisions.

  • Quality
  • Integrity
  • Teamwork
  • Win-Win

We maintain a high standard of quality in our services and deliverables, possess uncompromising integrity, believe in teamwork and practice a win-win approach while dealing with our customers, associates, partners, and suppliers.  We strive to ensure all parties are satisfied.

Clients & Business Base
GPC assists local, regional and global businesses throughout North America, Central America & the Caribbean, South America, Europe, Middle East, Africa and Australasia Pacific. 

All together, our global client base includes the following types of companies:

  • Pharmaceutical, Biotech, Vaccines, Diagnostics, Medical Device
  • Contract Research Organizations (CROs)
  • Site Maintenance Organizations (SMOs), Investigator Sites, Hospitals
  • Food/Nutrition/Nutraceuticals/Supplements
  • Publishing Companies, Authors/Content Providers
  • Professional Societies
  • Universities, Schools
  • Training & Education
  • Government, Military
  • Marketing Research, Securities Firms, Venture Capital
  • Philanthropic & Charitable Organizations
  • Others

Key Benefits
Advantages of outsourcing to GPC

  • Flexible, cost-effective solutions
  • Access to world-class specialist expertise
  • “Glo-cal” - global experience….local expertise
  • Supplement existing resources without increasing internal headcount
  • Balance local and international needs
  • A single point of contact throughout the consultancy lifecycle
  • Professional, friendly service applied seamlessly to meet your requirements

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Philanthropy & Charity
GPC takes pride in the role it’s able to play in bettering the lives of those around us.  We are pleased to sponsor online training campuses for the following nonprofit organizations.

We look forward to expanding our involvement with other nonprofit entities.  Please contact us to learn more.

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